Dual Hearts - Screen Shots
02.02.2002 More Screens
Chatting in the shade Numbered door Town overview
On the rooftops A woodland meeting What's that behind your back?
At dusk Crystal cavern Brrr
Plank bridge Cliff buildings Portal to elsewhere
Bunny riding    
01.22.2002 Another Glance
Runnin' away, eh? Atop Baku Some magic power!
The main character and Baku Ice! Fighting a...rather large enemy
12.19.2001 First Screens
An isolated floating island Sunset Hill Deep winter
Platforms between the islands Exploring a library Block pusher
Stabbing a drop of goo Sparring off Powerful strike
Look what you did! Mosaic wallpaper Screwed up perspective
Locked on Standing on the ceiling Crashing down
Watch it, Coney Shooting lasers Enemies infest the hallways
Lifting an obelisk Fading out Hole in the wall
Icy chunks Hovering bell Reminiscent of Zelda
The rabbit talks! In flight Approaching a frozen cabin
Underwater? Breathing fire Find the right path
Breaking the ceiling Funny enemies Traversing the field
Long spear Behind the rabbit Rabbit's diary
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