Zanzarah: The Hidden Portal - Screen Shots
03.01.2003 Initial Screens
How is she going to climb that? Temple Down the rabbit hole...
Creepy people Multiplayer mania Look! It's Palom on crack!
What a poorly kept wine cellar What's she running from? Magic match
Astounding architecture Is the Big Bad Wolf around? Magical explosion
We all know who lives here... Demon summoning? More cellar madness
Jogging through the wood Bungee jumping! Obstruction
What's that upstairs? Forest path Faery wars
Demon spawn point? Yeah, that doesn't look good She's quite Crofty
Lost Impenetrable barrier You can't just barge in...
Would *you* camp here? Pot bellied goblin Lost in a back alley
I bet that hurts Demonspawn Rent is only 300 a month!
Drafty, though Swamp folk A little cold for short sleeves
Sneaking in the study Creepy skulls Afraid of heights?
Let's avoid that... Drat! No wine! Morning workout
Makes you wish for sunglasses Do you dare enter? it a squirrel?
Saruman! Looking for the nearest pub I hear he cheats!
Imagine a huge gust of wind... Someone evil has to live here Idyllic village
Snooping "I don't think we're in Kansas anymore..." Bats in the belfry?
The rotting skin look What lurks in the shadows? Unhappy inhabitant
"Peace out!" Sheer beauty Zeal, anyone?
You can barely see her Someone actually lives here He's a cranky librarian
Bubble bath What possessed her to come here? Long deserted
What a strange innkeeper Who is holding the magnifying glass? Chatting with the locals
He needs to chill "I need guns. Lots of guns." Just don't be around at night
Faery warfare Exploring the underground Something good had better be hidden down here
What kind of architect designed this? Swamp surfing Bombs away!!!
Ah! The pub at last! Gandalf makes a guest appearance Everyone's favorite... the smithy!
Whatever it was, it's sinking now
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