World of Warcraft - Artwork
05.14.2004 E3 Artwork  
Fubar! Woman Render 1
Woman Render 2 Woman 2 Render Man Render
Danger Lurking Panoramic Elvan Woman Render
Elvan Man Render Elvan Man 2 Render Elvan Man 3 Render
Elvan Woman Render 2 Sword Float Panoramic with Characters
Orcish Man Render Old Orc Man Artwork Swords Galore
Undead Man Render Undead Man Artwork Panoramic Characters
Elvish Swordwoman
08.14.2003 A Few Additions  
Vague world map Tamer w/ black panther Spirit of the Bear
02.15.2003 More Artwork  
Dun Morogh Dungeon entrance Mountain dungeon
Duskwood A lone knight A skeleton knight
A zombie Elwynn forest Stranglethorn Vale
Westfall Giant scarecrow  
05.22.2002 E3 Art  
A sketchy boat Bogbeast Creepy hanging bodies
Big window Murloc Ogremage
Industrial tunnel Mechanical gray Tarantula
09.02.2001 First Art  
Minotaur chieftain A footman A rendered gnoll
Fine, the Gnolls An orcish grunt That's a big hammer
Kobold earthsmiths A kobold tunneler A human thief
The undead Concept art for the undead Nasty-looking minotaur
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