Wiards & Warriors - Screen Shots
08.21.2000 Spell Screenshots Source: IGN Vault
Frost Breath Spectral Raven A poison spell
A tornado Elemental Blast Lightning
Merlin's Shield Poison spell again Burn
Firestorm Incinerate  
08.08.2000 Early Screens Source: IGN Vault
Your party Smitty the blacksmith Town Hall
Priest of the temple Disgruntled shopkeep Magic shop
Scaly robed traveler Small shrine Someone needs to land a hit
Bad aim Low dexterity trolls Horse
Hit, get hit back The village of Valeia Astride your noble steed
07.11.2000 First Screens Source: RPGdot
Lizzord wizard Thou hast slain the skeleton Ollie has the ?Potion?
Ollie still has the ?Potion? Meet the crypt keeper Nondescript pirate attack
07.11.2000 New Screens Source: IGN Vault
Choose your race Choose your class Red dragon
Dragon's breath Swamp thing Ghosts & mass experience
Don't mess wth tormented souls Musical Pain Status effects
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