Throne of Darkness - Screen Shots
08.17.2000 More Screens Source: IGN
Skeletal archers An empty room A monster
A fight    
08.10.2000 Even More Screens Source: IGN
Fireball Another fireball Firewall
Firekanji Firebolt Fireswirl
Iceball Another iceball Icespear
Waterkanji Lightningkanji Chain lightning
Earthkanji Earthspear Archer
Berserker Brick Leader
Ninja Swordsman Wizard
08.09.2000 More Screens Source: IGN
Missle battle Hack and slash Victory
More fighting Up the stairs Lots of archers
07.08.2000 First Screens Source: IGN Vault
Between water and a hot place Crossing a bridge Two against one?
Old shrine Fighting undead Archers
Explosion spell thing    
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