Talesweaver - Screen Shots
06.08.04 Shooting Screens? Wha? Game Watch
City Walkin' Killing...kitties? I've Seen This Before...
A Bridge Game Skill Choosing Flash!
Fountain with Wings! Someone's Talking Can't See, Too Many Trades
More Trades Pretty Building Even More Trades
You Don't Say Yo Ho Ho Green Room
Ship of DOOM Make Your Characters Traders Everywhere!
09.28.03 Why haven't we had any screens before?
Nice pop-up art. What a cozy place I have NO clue what's happening.
Combo attacks. Big spell effect! A cozy campfire.
That's not your average chicken. A peculiar-looking pair of pirates...? Traveling on a well-armed ship.
Ow. The chicken is now grumpy!=. Fear the sphere-shaped chicken!
A wicked combination of bunny ears and blades. Bunny ears AND devil wings? Strangely enticing attire. Those are some large demons...
Put some pants on, man! Beautiful backgrounds. Pick and choose.
Hooray for magic circles! A look of pure astonishment! Not a very peaceful scene.
Ambidexterity power. A big... thing. Face translation: OMG!
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