Siege of Avalon - Screen Shots
10.31.2001 More screens  
Now where did I leave that book...? So many things to choose from It goes around, and around, and around...
Close the door, it's cold outside!    
11.05.2000 Second and better screens  
A maze-y thing I don't want to know what he's doing.. Character customizing menu
"Nope, sorry, you're too ugly." He blends right in The guards guarding. How ironic
Yay, inventory The chair spectrum Assorted fungii
Flowers What the heck is that.. Powering up
Fireball Just some miscellanious carnage Someone drew on this guy
More carnage    
08.07.2000 First Screens  Source: IGN Vault
Read a good game lately? Doing... something Customize your character
Big rocks Barracks Graveyard
Red ball of magic Blue ball of magic It's magic!
It's magic! II Big hall Monastery
Guarded door Training field Two-room building
Colorful liquids Buying equipment Stats
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