Septerra Core - Preview

Valkyrie brings console-style role-playing to the PC ... and the world may never be the same.

By an RPGamer Writer

Character designs are clearly anime-inspired

   RPGs have traditionally been divided into two distinct camps. Console RPGs were like Final Fantasy: heavy on the plot, light on the freedom. PC RPGs were like Ultima: hundreds of things to do and see, but only the barest of plotlines to thread the game together. Valkyrie Studios looked at this situation and thought, "Why aren't there any console-style RPGs for the PC?" And seeing this void, they decided to fill it - with Septerra Core.

   Septerra Core's name comes from the combination of the prefix "sept-," meaning "seven," and "terra," meaning "earth." The world of Septerra Core, indeed, is seven distinct worlds. These worlds, however, are concentric - each is hollow and thin, and each lies within the other, like the layers of an onion. At the center of the world lies the Core, a living computer which watches over the many worlds.

A shell
Each of the seven shells is unique in its design

   The designers of Septerra Core freely admit that anime and the games of Square have greatly influenced their game design. The game seems most similar to the console RPG series Phantasy Star, however, with its multiple worlds and mix of magic and high technology. Over fifteen unique characters who will join you throughout your journey, and 124 "Fate Cards" can be combined to create new spells and powers.

   Different "shells" are preferable to others, of course. The outer shell is inhabited by the aloof and wasteful Chosen. Inner shells are inhabited by merchants, junk scavengers, pirates, and forest dwellers. Each world has a distinct style of artwork, and your friends and companions on your journey will come from all walks of life. And what is the purpose of your quest?

Battles are fierce and intense

   At the Core, you will discover a planet-sized Bio-Computer which holds the answer to the Creator's Riddle. You will learn that Septerra is a giant puzzle piece, waiting to be locked into the universe around it, as soon as its inhabitants solve the Legacy. If you fail, the world is certainly doomed. If you succeed, and solve the puzzle - it may well destroy you, and those you love ... Certain continents on the lower layers can be moved to the Outer Shell, where they will snap into place. If the correct ones are raised, an ancient symbol will be created across the face of the planet, and the Legacy will unfold. But is it the right thing to do? The moving of whole continents will cause catastrophe on a scale of which has never been imagined ...

   Septerra Core offers an epic quest, a motley band of characters, anime-styled environments, and a strong focus on plot and character development. The first "console" RPG for the PC looks as if it will be a resounding success.

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