Purge - Screen Shots
04.02.2003 First Screens
Explosion from a distance I'd rather have a gun, then wearing armor I wish I had a shirt
Two beams will shoot forth Balls of light BOOM
I'm so good I don't need a gun I bet this scope has night vision AHH!! A mouse
I better call the wife Someone is nearby Operation: Walk Across the Room
A staff that shoots This Crossbow won't do Built to do anything
On the run Yet another gun that shoots light Wonder what's over here
My friends need to hear this! Time to hide The sun... it burns
The Terminator Success! Did I hit it?
How do I turn this off? A fountain of energy Monsters aren't supposed to be here
I wish I could be invisible This armor stinks Selection Menu
Point the way Freeze! Sneaking in the grass
I see you A knife won't do
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