Narsillion - Screen Shots
06.05.2004 Two Years Later Game Watch
Status Screen Fun More Status Furry Status
Lake and Butterflies Ha Ha and Ha! Scary Smoke Face
Flashbacky Faceless Soldier...Literally Stopping
Old guys always bow their heads Ice Dragon This can't be good
They're talking Awesome! Picnic! Smokey Face Man... again
Someone needs some sun. Another Dragon More Talking
Campfire Chatter Someone's Dead. Pod People! Run!
Wonder if he's mad... More Shouting Nice Boat...
How many hits? Your Inventory Party Battle
03.05.2002 A Second Glance impress Watch
Title screen Title menu Chatting near a guard
Running through the streets of town Beneath the windmills Inside a home
Inside the local restaurant A relaxed atmosphere Buying some weapons!
The status screen That...looks a little powerful! There it is again!
Victory is ours! Fire! Running around a tent
Should we cross? Gotta love the Skull-On-Pike decour A star!
Building up those skills!
03.05.2002 First Screens
Catching up on some reading Group discussion! A vendor along the way
Aftermath Surrounded by tomes of knowledge A bedroom
At the bar All the cozy comforts of an inn It's raining fire!
A clash of warfare Some more intense fighting! More steel-on-steel action
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