Lionheart - Screen Shots
07.30.2003 Action Packed Screens
Elemental Magic What's in the box? Spirit energy
Creepy scene State your business... Skill Menu
Bolt attack Inflicting some big damage More fighting
Purple magic Those guys look tough Battle in the hall
Inventory "Now it's just you and me..." The Quest Log
Taking 12 damage This doesn't seem fair A scene on the docks
Trapped? "I'm thinkin' about jumping into that blue thing" "Oh, good. I'm surrounded."
Rock Titan deals the hits Stunned! Boarding a ship
Beach brawl Hothothot "Screw this. I'm leaving."
01.24.2003 High Quality Screens
"So, a man walks into a bar..." Strolling about the courtyard The inner sanctum
Oh no! Kryptonite! Something serious went down here Lone female wanderer in a dark alleyway
Firestarter! It's the mausoleum! Kryptonite for Girls
A welcoming sight for the weary traveler This place is really popular Rampant dishonesty
Typical battle scene Stinking cloud? Evil sleeps...
Dungeon madness Over the river and through the woods... A holy place
A cozy looking home? This looks inviting!
09.05.2002 First Screens  
Streets of Barcelona A Barcelona harbor Rugged terrain
A fire burns in the street Ancient ruin Massive gates
A desolate location "Answer the question!" He's fighting...nothing?
Walking through a battered city Inside a domed building Walking on fire
A pink crystal pokes out of the ground A house in Montaillou Journeying through a cave
"Where's the bartender?" A casual walk through town Sword drawn
Bribe the enemy He must be fighting some invisible spirit The undead are angered
Moving past a barricade "Let's tell ghost stories!" Oooo! A shiny blue crystal!
Run run or you'll be well done! Dragging the sword along "Die ball of flame! Die!"
As usual, the streets remain empty    
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