Lethal Dreams - Screen Shots
04.15.2003 Exclusive Screens (High-Res, too!)
Hug thy bundle of ether. Such a waste, all those weapons strewn about. Magic circlicious.
Birds at your eye-pecking command.
04.06.2003 Initial Screens
Reminiscent of the Incans Now we just need a sled... Probably shouldn't stay long
What happened to the road? War was waged on this very spot Go ahead, climb the fence!
Reeking with power I wonder if there's a fishing game? Sweet menu
A struggle between light and dark Not much left Low visibility
Stonehenge, done right! Decisions, decisions... What's what all about?
Let's hope Cruan isn't home Remains of... well, something... Appearing from nowhere
Oh no! Where's Frodo? Deadly curse, dead ahead I'm not sure what this is...
If you can't stand the heat... ... don't live in a desert! Isn't he cute?
"Duck" would be the appropriate action They never listen Strange skull demons
Hey, who lit the torches? Bad survival coloring Weary
Don't lose your way... Insert big bad boss here More like a swamp
Kissed any frogs, recently? The necromancers must live here Looks like it!
Be an aerial photographer! Interesting texturing Bad mojo
Check for bodies in it's depths Big Ben has had some rough times Barren tower
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