Lethal Dreams - Artwork
04.06.2003 Initial Artwork
Deadly accurate His turn- ons include dark alleys and killing Creepy bone demon
I wouldn't trust him Earthworm from hell It's a demon, I swear.
He knows how to use those things He'll make your head into a watermelon Take me to your leader
How can you fight with all that headgear anyway? Your standard mage Run, very fast, and very far
Shriveled up leader Monk, perhaps? Cleric of sorts
Ahoy, mateys! Vampire? Awfully big nose
He looks more like a ranger This is not your friend. Trust me. Jolly barbarian
Where can we toss him? Is that even human? Knight in not-so-shining armor
The holy avenger Bored with adventuring Help, I can't speak!
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