The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind - Screen Shots
07.23.2003 Xbox Game of the Year Screens
Mutant seals Those guys always scared me Axe the werewolf
Quite the belt Small sword vs. large bear
01.12.2002 More Xbox Screens
Running through a town Now that's an impressive sword! Some guy walking around
Another guy walking around The first guy again, walking around some more The same guy once more
See above The guy before a strange hut The second guy again for a change
01.12.2002 A lot of PC Screens
Nice scenery Morrowind at night Rocks in all shapes
In a town A deserted tavern Fashion tips
"Look at me shine!" Town of the smurfs Guys with red eyes always have the finest wares
"Where's the next road leading to Rome?" Exotic vegetables A rural town
Note the guy in the back watching his companion die. Yet another town A castle on a hill
"We like dressing up, yes." Where else are nights that blue? Boarding a large insect
"No, I don't want to buy a damn flower pot!" "What? There's a bridge?!" Fantasy underwear
Who needs all those textures anyway? A look at the construction set "Sure, it's ugly, but it's still carrying all my stuff!"
"Hey! I'm getting all wet!" More construction set goodness "Yeah, you look weird, too!"
Wow! Glow-in-the-dark dishes! A desert town In the shadows
And yet another town What's this town inside of anyway? "My shoulder-blades are bigger than yours!"
Felpurr? Another look at the construction set. A stroll in the town
What's that house staring at? Now that's one weird construction More weirdness
The Lord of the Breast-Rings This diet really works! "Don't I look scary with all that red and black stuff?"
"I'm SURE this is a tame beast!" Where's the next tavern? Ow! Thorns!
Looks... cozy. "Eww... I hate bugs!" More weird staring houses
Another strange construct, this time with a neat mouse pointer Same thing from behind Hack'n'Slash at its best!
Moody Lighting A lighted path Another very round town
Greyness Look at my axe! Lizard-man
Now that's a calm woman "Go away, I have a hangover!" Intruding in weird ceremonies
Beating up friendly-looking guys Dungeon-crawling "What about my hair?"
"Me smash!" Staring at nothing in particular Strange mechanic spiders
"Stop staring!" "Do you want a room? Or you just want to kill me?" Rain
05.27.2001 E3 PC Screens
Walking through the village square A view of the map construction set Woodland hut
05.27.2001 E3 Xbox Screens
Strange characters Is it safe to bear your sword in town? Walking through a rocky forest
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