Dragon Empires - Screen Shots
09.26.2003 Additional Screens
Looking into the distance. It's attacking from above. What a nice looking bridge.
Closer up. No... Attack of the undead.
Ready for anything. Surrounded. What kind is that?
Night sets. Evil rock monster. Where's this?
Strike them down. Watch out! Three on one.
Will he cast it in time? Riot.
06.05.2006 E3 Screens
We gotta walk over that? Snowy Sunset by the lake
Race you to the top Trees. Lots of trees. Down at the beach
Gotta love that lens flare Rains mainly on the plains A hidden inlet
Swampy All this one needs is Tarzan Cheery place
But I don't want to mow the lawn I bet the rent is really cheap Neat buildings
Polly want a cracker? More lens flares Not on the house!
Fear my... whimpy-looking axe Honey, did you feed the flying dragon? Beats walking
Creepy statue Who wants some of the pointy? There's that lens flare again
Wonder what you do if you lock yourself out? Man vs. KFC Up up and away!
Don't look behind you! Like that's gonna hurt it Told you not to look behind you
02.23.2003 More High-Resolution Screens
Hey...we're lost! Outpost in the sun Outpost from another angle
The ol' fishin' hole Looks like we're lunch Shh! If we stay quiet, he won't see us!
A griffin on the prowl The skies are dangerous around here Right, a sword is *real* effective against rock
... it looks contaminated. Kicking demon butt The journey begins
Looks like rain! Make one wrong step... So much for chivalry
Winged baboon? Breathtaking Look, he's got his ugly stick
Pueblos Coastal town This isn't the welcoming party
Somebody cast Fire3! Bring it on
01.09.2003 Scenery Screens
Wintery hillside Sunny beach Balmy after-sunset
Jungle sunset Far-zoom jungle sunset Tall mountain
More mountains Winter in the mountains Savannah plains
On the savannah A lagoon By the riverside
Looks rather dead Moon over the palms Beach sunset
06.23.2002 Special Contest Screen
Fighting in the countryside    
05.27.2002 E3 Screens
Exploring the countryside All tensed up By the side of the lake
Catfight Going up against an Ogremage Posing dramatically
War of the sexes Hunting party Monstrous enemies
Skeleton in the rain Group of friends Creepy battle
05.08.2002 High-Resolution Screens
Attack in the canyon On the shores of a river Boom? Boom.
Close-range fighting
02.04.2002 Even More Screens!
When good rocks go bad The wrong end of the alley My hands are burning!
Exactly what is a "tooled up nutter"? Running people through is fun This intersection is about to get messy
11.18.2001 More Screens
A lakeside meeting Are you threatening me? Talking in the woods
What do you mean, you threw the map in the creek? The misty isles  
11.06.2001 First Screens GameSpot
Satan emerges from below for a brief scuffle Battle at the gates Looking around for a nice rocky snack
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