Dinosaur Resurrection - Screen Shots
12.19.2002 First Screens
Sweeping views Ancient architecture Degenerate
A ziggurat looking structure Something arcane is going to happen... Swaying CG bushes
Muerte! "Whoa..." Could things get any worse?
"I see... dead people..." Across the valley An inn! Drinking time!
Definitely... lost. Apprehension meter rising...! Character stats
There's no time for card games! Conversing More status screens
Battle engine, perhaps? Full scale logo Opening screen?
What's with the green hair? Peering into the distance Looks like ambush time!
Lying around, close-up City streets It's so chic!
Someone call a gardener What's with ewe? Murals
Darkened hallways Got a flashlight? Just... creepy
Roman influence One can imagine the kind of gatherings that could be held Blue 'n' glowy
Canyon pass The forest is never a good place to be when it's dark It's a little foggy
...and here's the exit! The longest staring contest, ever Royalty colors
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