Dungeon Lords - Screen Shots
04.20.2005 Some Scintillating, Sweet Screens IGN
Showdown in the grass That is one messed up wolf Sweet armor
Sweet armor...from another angle! Uruk-hai seapeople? Definitely. Looks like Boromir gets a chance for revenge!
But will he succeed? Yup Attacked from the grass
Desert arachnids + radiation = this Engulfed in green light Lord Valor was next on Smokey the Bear's hit list
Huh? Are you telling me that guy is the Magus Staff, or did I miss something? Nasty hobbitses! We'll kill them, my precious! ...Back for more?
"...I really wish I had been a lawyer..." Driven to madness by an unknown source, he began madly assaulting the camera "Must...follow...pretty...sparkles..."
Dude, find a restroom! He was later spotted on a late-night talk show babbling about an alien sighting Looking dramatic in the middle of nowhere
C'mon, enter! I dare ya! The Pedestal of the Relic Oooh, soo sparkly...!
Standing between two pedestals Standing between two pedestals...from another angle! She was definitely the star athlete in high school
"Dude, I'm just here to deliver a pizza." A fight by firelight Zoe, displeased with the club's "no-girls" policy, took it upon herself to teach those boys a lesson
The hairy guy's gotta feel uncomfortable right now Something tells me they want to keep people out... Hey, I want one of those for a lawn ornament!
Looks like we have a Don Quixote wannabe Squaring off against... ...yourself!
Psychedelic symbols and lights If they're forbidden, why are you going there?
03.15.2005 New Screens
Shadow boxing A puff of smoke Old Blue Eyes
Some kind of puzzle? Surrounded Can I go home now?
11.05.2004 First Screens
Shooting down an ogre I wonder what these symbols mean I am on fire!, FIVE against one? Take that! We can take 'em!
Look out behind you! But I must see the Wizard! Well, that's obvious.
Here he comes, and he looks mad Oh, that? Nah, it doesn't hurt. I see your Schwartz is as big as mine
What? Only 208? How about some fire? Or light...that works too
I have a very well-defined...weapon I hate skeletons Duck!
Ow, very funny, Robin Hood! Yuck, shield rot My clothes are wet
Jogging through the forest Let's settle this once and for all! Lost in the tall grass?
Helloooo? Anybody home? Looks like his job doesn't have a good dental plan And how is this supposed to protect me?
Whew, two words: Tic Tac Long hallway Choose wisely, or the fashion police will penalize you
Hoofing it up Oh now that is sick Schwing!
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