Beyond Divinity - Screen Shots
08.05.2004 Eye Candy Screens GameSpot
Me speak good Check out my life-absorbing axe What really makes your eyes itch
A page from the "Do Not Feed" leaflet picked up at the entrance Flashlights are useful in dungeons Getting dinner
Lotsa random crap That guy knows how to smoke Big shrooms
Parting the fragments with a huge ephemeral arm Nice street sparring, where nobody gets hurt Me popular
There's no place like home A tingly spider sensation Yeah, 'cause we know the Shaman likes to down some when it gets dark
Stress causes dandruff Death-Knights forged with your soul stunt your social skills Where everyone knows your name
Why didn't you stop and ask for directions? You're not my tour guides, are you? Flame on! Mwahaha, now you can't touch me
Here the points matter Do not press one Aw, even demons have guardian fairies
Looks edible You even finish each other's sentences Now that's a nugget
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