Arcturus - Screen Shots
08.03.2003 More Screens  
Time for the exorcism! Let's hope you can multitask Interesting wildlife
Stating the obvious--battle tactics! 0wned More 0wnage
John Romeo can't compete with his hair Single file Old Skool MS Paint style water
Held hostage Nice landscaping job They're um.. walking?
"How do you get your lipstick to last so long?" Great place for an afternoon picnic Sizz taking a break
Maria doing the opposite Ninja-dude has no mercy Take the fork in the road
Spiffy sprites Onward, comrades! "Best Use of Duct Tape in a Video Game"
Confrontation (Ooo.. big word) Methinks she needs a shower Interesting little cut scene
...not as interesting He's like a male Millia Rage X_X
He'd make for an easy cosplay "The air tonight seems rather radioactive" Equip: Haz-Mat suit
Commencing tentacle monster in 3-2-.. Strolling through town It was Elluard, in the study, with the book!
Intricate menu screen Don't cut his hair =O Sexy sideburns
Wish I could read imports -_- Equipping your character Opening screen
Looks to be..a mill! A mill, indeed Bonding time
"Save the food!" Time to meet the generic ninja character Wait! It was the blonde guy, in the den, with the candlestick!
Time to sing show tunes. La~! Umm, I think it's a ring Stay off drugs, kiddies
Let the back stabbing begin! The water talks o.O "I can see my house from here!"
"I shall create an artificial sun! Bru ha ha!" Da Boonies Don't tell PETA
Death and destruction, it's what's for dinner! Either a flashback or really bad pollution They'd make a really good hair band
Nya! More multitasking Combo!
Mmm..that smoke smells good "I told you to stop and ask for directions" "It's a tree! Attack!"
Flood the valley and run Shockwave Muntant flies, oh my!
They make for a disfunctional family "Mmm..brainzzz..." It's like The Sims, only with less pant-wetting
05.31.2002 First screens  
Wham! Combat menus Neat little magic trick
Charging up enery Oh no! CRITICAL! I think I'll use mabeobi eobseum
More battle menus Ouch, that looks like it hurt Yes, that's right, "Auto-Counter"
Great balls of fire Those are some weird looking enemies there. Doing nothing in the heat of battle
Wow, I've got a lot of experience Equipment screen Setting the shirt
Some spells Paladin sword ... ooh, sounds good Lapier
Some game settings This screen seems to be themeable Themes galore
Still more themes Yes, that's right, it's another theme Why learning han'ja is still important for imports
Rough translation: You failed Rough translation: You didn't fail! That's one big chest you've got there lady
Your local friendly Roger's Quickservice Contemplating a bandana That doesn't look good at all
How you do pronounce THAT!? This reminds me a lot of Xenogears y'know Pretty blue church
Inside the church "Intelligent blonde's like they told a story about me" Looking out of a tower
On top of a hill Snowing weather near the inn Buying a blouse
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