Archangel - Screen Shots
01.30.2003 More Screens
Over looking the area This shouldn't be a problem When do I get one of those robes?
I have more hair then you This dock doesn't look very stable Hey, its the izard of OZ
Being shirtless helps Grovel before me Not good enough
In the line of fire Ohh, what a cute doggie Let me scratch your back
I hope my robe won't catch fire Time for my tea I hope he doesn't see me
Surrounded The light, its too bright I want a flying car too
In front of the monastery No more swords for me Its not everyday you see TWO red ghosts
I can't take it anymore! Which spell should I pick? Two axes are better then one
With this kind of firepower I can take on any demon A magic wall, lets see if I can run through it It has a magic shield
I don't like the dark I want that sword and shield AHH, the light, its hurting my eyes
The left box for weapons, the right for corpses This should be a good fight I hope I don't fall
A door of light I think I can jump it This should light things up
Looks bottomless I wonder how long this cave goes Finally the end
I was sure that would stop them Sorry, I'm computer illiterate Ohh, I better act good
Super speed fun Another demon!?  
10.30.2002 First Screens
White magic arrows A homey locale Many meetings
We're off to see the wizard, the wond... oh, there he is Homey plus modern conveniences Magical sword versus slivery things
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