Anachronox - Screen Shots
06.28.2001 Verilent Hive and Limbus Screens
Posing near a ship An action in battle Using Mystech
Octagonal command The old man gets physical The enemy is laughing
Beating a monster Blobs of light "So, uh, you got any gum?"
A dark and dank hole worthy of guarding A separation in the party Salt would come in handy right about now
A planet of clones Rabid clams A fountain of mystery
Along the water's edge
04.20.2001 Hephaestus Screens
Do you like my roly-poly bodyguards? Pyoro Vertigo
Don't get too close to the lava What's with all these worm's eye view shots? Up in the air
What relics? Get the tuning fork! I feel sleepy
Democratus Screens
Command? Solid Snake wannabe Robots care not for biohazards!
Blending into the surroundings Hiking in comfortable clothing is fun What is...that thing...on the tire?
Feel my wrath, puny mortals
Sender Station Screens
The future is so clean Where robots hang out Run, faster!
...There's no way I can miss this game now Once again, the old man slows down the party
The Bricks Screens
I can see my house from up here Creepy green lighting Want the good news or the bad news first?
Neat buggy Is it safe? Because all bad guys jump down to fight
At the spaceport
02.25.2001 More Screens Source: IGN
Walking through town Being chased Shuttle Hanger
A woman The woman and something odd An old man fights monsters
E3 '99 Screens
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Screen Shots
Anachronox's Title Screen An apparent raid What appears to be a spaceship
Confrontation with men in red robes A fortress sits in the mist Underneath a caped man
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