Pocket Kingdom - Screen Shots
11.04.04 First Screens Pocket Kingdom
So he's not a spoony bard... When things go bump in the night "Chat the world"??
Now THIS sounds like fun training! A happy family And after the war ends
Feelin' froggy, punk? The winner makes his victory speech, or there lack of It would sound more menacing if he wasn't olive colored
Okay, so it's not so much a howl Step to the side, sir Oh you and your shenanigans
And you always remembered it as "n00b" Buddy list, anyone? Right, didn't we just discuss this?
Poop-box? Ahhh...noobs, always a source of hilarity A warcry, perhaps?
A heartfelt attempt at stealing the show Mmmm...Bohemian Rhapsody Looks like our thief isn't improving in skill
An ornate throne awaits its' master A simple world map A status screen
It seems the 133t references are quite popluar If we all could be so lucky The infamous "frog" line returns for an encore!
Deathmatch! Bust a moove, Mr. Roboto Not a puppet, either
Two lutes, so you too can start your own band Home sweet home Words to live by
A simple title screen Fusing your own "arms"! Since when were backyards extra?
Those hotel rates must be through the roof!
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