Quest64 - Staff Retroview  

One Quest You'll Want To Avoid
by Derek 'Roku' Cavin

10-20 Hours


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   Quest64 is one of the worst games ever made. It has only a few unique features that keep it from being a complete total waste of time though it still comes close. It is yet another game that has good graphics and no heart, but this makes even some of the other games in that category look good.

   Battles are very simple, you can move and either smack an enemy with your staff, cast a spell, or try to run away. No matter how many enemies you fight, only one of them may attack you per turn for some strange reason. This makes it so the only real difference between fighting one enemy and 100 the amount of damage you have to deal before you win. The only remotely interesting thing about Quest64's battle system is the fact that you can dodge certain attacks if you time your movements well.

Just follow that straight line there for about an hour to get out Just follow that straight line there for about an hour to get out

   Quest64 is probably the easiest RPG ever made due to the fact that you are actually rewarded for dying. As brought to my attention by a friend, on the off chance you happen to die, (or commit suicide which is much more likely) you will awake without a scratch and with higher stats. Yes, you are immortal in Quest64, so no matter how much you try to kill yourself they just won't let you quit.

   There isn't very much dialog in the game, but it's decently written. Not a whole ton of spelling of grammar errors. The play control is pretty good too, though it's nothing special either. Decent interaction, but it could've been better, especially the camera.

   Well, the exp system is a bit original. You level up each statistic the more you use it. For example, if you take a lot of damage, your HP will increase. You can also level up by finding weird gas things on the ground. There isn't any currency system at all, all of the items are free provided you don't have any of the item the shop is giving away. The battle system is pretty unique as well since you can run around in the middle of a fight. While there are a few unique parts, the rest of the game isn't unique at all unless you count the hundreds of empty rooms and miles of linear dungeons.

Giving out any free items today? Giving out any free items today?

   You begin your quest with a mission of saving your father and a book. That's about 50% of the game's entire plot right there. There are a few things that happen along the way and a very small handful of characters that you meet more than once, but none are very interesting. To give you an idea of how bad the plot is, you're supposed to be saving your father but you never actually end up saving him. Yeah... There's some random villain that you fight for some reason or another, but unless you do the one thing in the game that resembles a side-quest you won't know much more about him than his name. Even the "side-quest" reveals very little. Even most NES RPGs have a lot more plot than this one.

   Due to certain dungeons that force you to run in pretty much a straight or slightly curved line for an hour each, Quest64 can take 10 to 20 hours to complete. There really aren't any side-quests or anything to slow you down either. It's just all about which enemies you have to fight and how many weird magic level-up thingies you can find. As I said before there is a single "side-quest" but it takes about 5 minutes to do it and it simply involves walking a little bit out of your way so it doesn't really count.

   At first, the music sounds pretty average. After several hours of listening to the same world map, dungeon, and battle theme though, it begins to drive one insane. Only a few different themes slightly make up for the rest, but overall it's still quite bad.

   The best part about the game is its amazing visuals. Everything is well animated and I don't think any enemies are used more than once. Yes, the world of Quest64 is beautiful, but graphics aren't everything.

   Good graphics, bad game. I don't recommend this game to anyone except for game developers. Please, someone learn from Quest's mistake so that this kind of thing never happens again. Otherwise, avoid this game at all costs unless of course you want to see just how bad it is and want to appreciate your other RPGs a whole lot more.

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