Aidyn Chronicles - Screen Shots
10.21.2000 Even more new screens Source:
Neat looking fairy Roowr One of the Village People
Attack of the mushrooms Some guy strikes a pose He's grrrreat!
Funny looking castle thing A little battleage
07.24.2000 More Gameplay Screens Source: IGN
Outside a castle That bridge is awful skinny The Tropics
All alone Running after something It just found YOU!
Pleading insanity Watch the railing  
06.27.2000 New Gameplay Screens Source: THQ
Out in the desert Hope he's on your side Not so friendly
Nice Sunset/rise Standing on a cliff...kinda Please point that over there
I'm a lumberjack, and I'm okay! Tim! In the castle
Uh...ow? I be walkin'! I'll blow your house down! Maybe.
Watery Castle Slippery Bridge Chilled to the bone
Chattin it up Looking around He built a crooked house...
Weird place! Hero, meet Mr. Ugly Off I go
No, no. Excuse ME. Uh huh...that's what they ALL say Standing on the bridge
Walking around Umm....wassat? Out in the mountains
05.17.2000 E3 Screens Source: THQ
A dark stairwell Outside the castle Within the corridor
Alaron stands at the doorway Confrontation with a beast A door lies ahead
Inside a tunnel Overlooking a chasm Nice lighting effects
Gazing out the window The photo room Alaron looks again
Inside the dungeon Lava! Strange gnome-like creatures
An armed warrior Up to no good Running from danger
Encounter with a large rat Meeting with an odd character  
03.16.2000 Another Look Source: THQ
Desert of Bleached White Bones A Female Thief A City Approaches
An Evil(?) Farmer A Well-Defended Castle Crossing a Narrow Bridge
Over the Bridge and Up the Mountain Confrontation at the Fountain Monsters Abound...
Well-Armored Enemy A Peaceful Rest by the Lake A Large Problem
A Stroll in the Park Ehud A Watchful Guard
02.12.2000 First Screens
Lovely desert shot Woman wielding a dagger Our hero charges ahead
That's one evil critter Run! Running along the river
That must be cold... Sun setting in the distance "En guard!"
A winged creature    
01.26.2000 Concept Screens Source: Game Informer
A shining sword An odd-looking building Walking down stairs
Selecting characters    
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