Gladius - Screen Shots
10.24.2003 Gladius Item Gallery LucasArts
Altan Axe Amazon's Bow Satyr Carafe
Curtus Saxum War Hammer Death's Head Staff Mjollnir War Hammer
Harpe Light Sword Kuzhuk Sword Percello Gravis Sword
Piercing Hammer Ramshead Bow Staff of Air
Tawuus Spear The Tenderizer Tsunami Sword
10.22.2003 Additional Screens
Let's spend some money. Some companions. Ouch
I've got sand in my eyes. Curse. Back stabber.
Guess who's winning? They can't get to me. Big Red.
I have the power. He likes to raise his weapon. Abe, he's kind of big.
The mark of the wolves. I hate being chained up The date of the lifetime.
You won! Magic is fun Aren't you cold?
What goes on around here? Valens attacks Shave.
In the dark. A man and a monster? Nice skin color.
Strong old man. Why are you looking at her? Let's just stand around.
I'm tired of all this walking WATCH OUT! I want to be him.
Monkey man. Are they ready for this? I sure hope so.
On the trail. White tiger. Across the bridge.
Training. Magic attack. Sharp little metal things hurt.
Empowered to the limit. She's flying. Familiar scene?
Green smoke? You're running out of time. They're everywhere.
Low blow. Point blank range. She's stronger.
Army of the Dead. Army of the Living. Nice pick.
That'll leave a mark. The sword of fire...
09.30.2003 Pre Release Demo screens
The winner is you! Barney takes out his anger Barney vs the big guy
Your basic demon Attack! Playing hopscotch
Guys in the pit I can see our house from here Fear the curvy axe
Zelos says... Ow, my organs Smoodlepoo casts a spell
Medic! Action figures The bear is mooning us
Cat fight Your future miss universe That armour doesn't cover much
06.09.2003 E3 2003 Screens
It's a giant! Those are some wicked swords All the guys are starring
You're surrounded A group is being formed Those tattoos had to take awhile
There's a spider in your hair Get a room you two I'm scared
Where did our cloths go? Where did she come from? Everyone is clapping
Sneak by Nice outfit The battle of the best
12.22.02 Official Screens
You shall not pass! A little too close for comfort Trudging on
She'll separate your head from your neck before you know it... Uh, block! Ug want food
Go on a diet, buddy! Hark! Someone approaches... Your average warrior
"Look at me again, and you die..." "Ug has found food!" Guarding his own
A fine mess they're in "Ugh, why'd you have to hit me like that?" Not your garden variety scorpion
"I told you to stay away!" Someone got woken from his nap early A bad night for adventuring
Beautiful rolling plains The chef Holy wrath
Gathering for a spell "I feel so sleepy..." Fun in the menagerie
About as scary as the beasts themselves Special effects galore Big bad club
He's a little shy She'd like to introduce you to her sword ... and so would he!
Average warrior lady Average ugly beast Even uglier beast
"Alright gang... what's next?" More official looking warrior lady His shield doubles as a surf board!
"What are you looking at, chump?" To war! Uh-oh... what did you do?
"Witness my dark army!" Lost in the woods again "Answer me!"
A peasant Blue man with a bad attitude Isn't it a little cold for short sleeves?
05.27.2002 E3 Screens
So this is what a sword looks like! Do you hear something? Battle before the obelisk
A vision of beauty in the arena Inner light Ursula vs. Samnite
Flaming equipment Valens' sword  
05.10.2002 First Screens
Listening to the crowd The monkey faction In battle
Defying the sky Something is amiss... Bow before the emperor
The emperor stands proud    
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