Gladius - Artwork
10.22.2003 Additional Artwork
Berserker Galdr Female Gallverg
CG Gallverg Heros Page CG Mongrel
Nephilia Ogre Peltast Female
Peltast Male Samnite Secutor Female
Story Spread Ursula Summer Ursula Toy
Valens Pose Valens Ursula
09.30.2003 Gladius Press Kit Art
When Santa's elves attack That arrow's gonna hurt Fighting is the pits
Fighting is the pits, top view Caltha the giant box She's got a broom on her head
The Roman look Plans for another pit, comes with measurments Giant teeth?
Napkin sketch Big guy, pointy shoes Circular pit
The token Egyptian
06.09.2003 E3 2003 Artwork
In the darkness A crazy man? A knight of some kind
He probably uses magic Eiji Galverg
Mongrel Man Nephilia Ogre
Ursula Valens
12.22.02 More Artwork
Not likely to be a push over A beastmaster, perhaps? The cracks of hell
She's no slouch with the blade Dark and terrible He should watch where he swings that!
The honorable warrior An evil shaman Unusual fighting style
05.27.2002 E3 Art
Belfort Arena The Pit Male Barbarian
Soldier of the Legion Mutuus Female Samnite
Female Sorceress Ursula casts a spell  
05.10.2002 First Art
Mini-coliseum Well, hello Ready for battle
Warrior, with a couple pets Warzone Deadly monkey
Woodland glade School training grounds Giant blade
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