Oriental Blue - Screen Shots
10.07.2003 Official Screens
And the meteor hits the water Three towers Eye see you
Floating fortress In town, by the fountain Steal a boat
Hope he's saying something important How are ya feelin'? The eye says
I'm all alone Passing the Hotel/Shop/Box Outside the TTC
Look at the fort I made The elder says... I'll smile while my minions defeat you
With this giant ball I shall rule the world Guards can't stop me Ninja says
Batter up Help! I'm trapped in this sphere Afraid of heights?
You can't stop me from grabbing this statue Ugly monsters Evil rats and two-headed, flying rats
Heroine's stats More stats Can't think of what to say
Outside the temple The crystal is mine! We have to fight these?
I've finally reached the odd blue thing Throw a gem at the mutated chicken Battle in a marsh
Three red and three white The rat is guarding a dishwasher Looks complicated
Gem screen more gem screens Hold still I don't have good depth perception!
Trade? At the temple Linking the GBA's
Giant slot machine I want big money! The rat says.....
Four eggs, four platforms Time to play Toruku card Playing memory
It's a turnip Somone get the weed killer I think it's taken root
Welcome to the TTC Must be some stats I can see....... people
We've got you surrounded Time for a fight She's a pretty big boss
Thats a small hurricane Splashdown
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