Oriental Blue - Artwork
10.15.2003 Official Art
Break out the rat poison Nice kitty Spiked Cow
Keep an eye on this one I guess that's technically a face Floating eyeball
Is that a mouth? Lots o' eyeballs He's got a sock on his head
This isn't a nice tree Demon tiger Ice sculpture
"Fido, attack!" Overgrown dungeon Lighthouse
Oriental Temple Where the birdmen live Gate
Water temple Pyramid? Keyhole shaped island
He really doesn't have good depth perception Blue cape, long hair I'll swat you with my tongue depressor
Thats one big sword I'm auditioning for The Phantom of the Opera Ghost lady
Desert girl The elf The princess
Those are really big sleeves Old man with beard Poor guy
Old Samurai Monk Bald guy, white beard
Looks like a noblemen Really long purple hair Full of cheer
She's very stoic The town drunk The girl with the forest green hair
Aquaman's cousin Sacred old tree Our hero's ready for battle
Group waiting outside of the water temple Oriental style train Junkard of a boat
The Pheonix Boat CGI Knight Hero and heroine
The bionic man Mischievous Elf The gadget making female
The priestess Panther man Big guy, even bigger bell
The ninja Old guy in the floating stone Monk lady
Winged hat She must be a pirate Our heros
Map of the land He's got an iron on his head Blue haired guy
Much too happy Bell shaped haircut Blue guy with the mustache
The rat people Title screen
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