Magical Vacation - Screen Shots
12.20.2001 A few more screens  
Big statue Lost in the tropics On the porch
Memories of Lunar Frozen solid Out spelunking
Mosters approach No talking! Little birds
Menu system Detailed bedroom Full battle screen
Shards of ice Over the bridge Town gate
11.08.2001 Screenshots  
At the seaside cottage Friend or foe? Name your hero
Roaming the forest Gorgeous sunset Spirits of the dead recovered
Summon spirits in battle Arrival in a new town Meeting at the mayor's house
You and your friends Call to arms A flame attack
The Berenstein's pad? A tranquil garden At the entrance
The Magical School The school entrance Now that's a school bus
En route to the seaside Looking for treasure Around the campfire
Moonlit beach Grid-based battles Hero's flame attack
01.16.2001 First Screens Source: Nintendo
Mansion stairs Fields of green Japanese dialogue
Beachside view    
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