The Lord of the Rings, Part 1 - Screen Shots
07.25.2002 First Batch of Screens Gamespot
Walking down a hallway Speechless? "Where's my dinner?"
The knight has come to sack the poor peasants Standing around lost Can the prancing pony dance as well?
Staring down a sewer grate "Let's go see that new movie, Lord of the Rings!" Sneak around the troll, be afraid, be VERY afraid
The castle gates are closed Outnumbered Fighting in a winter wonderland
Conducting the orchestra of monsters "For the last time, no soliciters!" Perhaps they should run up that tree
This looks like the end... A dark knight rides through town Now they fight in the garden
"It shall cost your life if you don't give it to me!" Gandalf attacks Orc Check out that statue's hammer
Another hard day's work at the factory done The gates open What do they do for fun without a television?
"Tower of Babel: Floor 140 of Infinity..." If someone greatly desires it, I say jack up the price Frodo is looking kinda bored
"But...Sam steals all the ladies!" Weapon of choice: Stick Today he'll play a Jehova's Witness
Wait, they're not talking about THAT are they? Crummy looking boat they have there "Lord of the Rings Part 4: Attack of the Insane Hobbit-Killing Trees"
Heck, you'd take that guy anywhere with you A statue park Yet another stroll through the village
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