The Lord of the Rings, Part 1 - Artwork
07.25.2002 First Batch of Artwork  
Aragorn with his sword Aragorn concept drawing Aragorn closeup
Bilbo Baggins Bilbo looking cheerful Bilbo looking old and decrepit
Boromir A Darkrider A Dragon
Frodo Baggins Galadriel Gandalf in a poster design
Gandalf looking tough Gandalf face concept drawings The stout Gimli
Face concept of Gimli Legolas Greenleaf Legolas Greenleaf face concept
Meriadoc Brandybuck Peregrin Took Samwise Gamgee
The River Anduin The Shire with some color A concept drawing of The Shire
Another concecpt of The Shire An indoor area of The Shire An outdoor area of The Shire
And yet another concept of The Shire Tom Bombadil
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