Choco Vader - Artwork
02.22.2003 First Artwork
Pokemon ripoff? Take me to your leader! Mick Jagger lookalike
Compton, 2050 Turnip gone wrong Typical high-schooler
"Speak softly, and carry a big stick." It's an auto-surgeon! "Get back here!"
Attack of the killer turnip A hairstyle worth suing over Typical world dominating type
"Hey kids, want some candy?" Creepy Football head
The family pet Elephant 'bot A reject double from Alien
Creepy twins Sentinel Lightbulb head
I want to suck your... blood. Flying toaster? Rocks, gone wrong.
He's been frozen too long, and now he's angry Long believed to be extinct! Hairy ape priest
No, it's not a urinal Alien cheerleader Active starfish
"I will eat you!" Bats, evolved He fell off the set of Coneheads
"Chomp!" It's an indignant jellyfish Wow...a... human?
Baxter Stockman's distant relative Giant sea anemone Commander McFloog
"Someone forgot my face!" Brain's evil cousin Feeling a little headless?
Banana slug Brain beast "I've come to clean your house!"
Highly advanced species of plant She's great at flying a ship How does it eat?
"Peace out, dude!" Skipping along Three eyed squeal of joy
"I will get you yet..." Sssslick Sssssalamander "I seem to have lost my clothes..."
Butterfly "Yo man, wassup?" "I have found this cylinder!"
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