Giftpia - Screen Shots
05.13.2003 Official E3 Media
Teehee, so vain. Leaving home. Somewhere over the RPG rainbow.
ROOOOWR. What a stickly police robot. This is no time for a stroll on the beach.
The hard hat worker is falling! That blonde hair looks ridiculous. The sky looks completely 2D.
That's what happens when you eat the shrooms. That's the scariest cosplay ever.
04.19.2003 First Screens
You'll stay in there till you learn to behave One minute is long enough It's destroying my face!
Do I know you? Am I hearing things? You aren't a very good dancer
Ohh, you're a Deejay Now sit! That's a big bubble
Close up... Your house A giant robot
You saw my PIN didn't you? This time you won't YES! I found a... mushroom?
I hope I won't run into anything My dog wrecked the ball Fountains of water
Nah. I won't be climbing today Picture time
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