Baten Kaitos - Screen Shots
10.12.2004 More Official Screens
Gibari attacks from above Chill out Gibari staggered
Gibari ducks Light Flare Let's go to the fair
Faceoff A dock The heartwarming tale of a girl and
Xelha takes a minute out of her busy schedule to stare at Kalas
10.22.2003 Couple Official Screens
The clown says... Magical cards perhaps? Those are big fireflies in that tree
Why is this box with text floating above my head? Hi my name is: I wish I brought a bigger sword
The blue guy says:
09.22.2003 Just a few more official screens.
Mmm, candyland. A formidable adversary. A tropical locale.
Pretty clouds... and something else! A floating world. I really like those trees in the background.
A town in the clouds. You must make a choice!
07.22.2003 First Screens
Aqua Burst A limit break? Board the sky ferry
That looks dangerous Something's up in Candy Land A placid village
If it's in the way... Festivities And I've got a golden ticket...
.. The size of it! Oh, the horror
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