Innocent Tears - Screen Shots
01.07.2003 Xbox Screens  
A prayer? Slightly shy pose Ready...Aim...
Fly me to the moon Good hit!  
04.25.2000 Varied Screens Source: RPG Fan
Intro Screen? Casting a Spell? Raising a Weapon
Are you Hiding Annything? Angel's Wings Faerie Wings
On Thin Ice Lightning Preparing for a spell?
Wings vs. Wings A Bridge? On a City Street
A Menu Kitty Girl Faceoff
Purple Hair Mysteriously Floating Tank
Bow woman Overlooking Slums A Beautiful Girl
Overlooking a Battle Flying Above Slums 2 Scared Girls
Close Up of a Woman's Face A squabble Battle Stats
A Map Battle Movement? Waiting to Shoot
A Battle Menu? Stats Menu? In Depth Status Menu
Angry Conversation A Sorrowfull Look Over a Fallen Body
A Simple Prayer Everyone Has Wings! Flying and Talking
Shy Young Lady Roses for You! Another Woman Speaking
She's Naked! Laughing Together Open Arms
03.06.2000 First Screens Source: The Magic Box
Blue haired lady in stone field A battle? Blue haired lady before walls
Well lit alley Standing on a roof  

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