El Dorado Gate
11.02.2000 Volume Two Screens

Source: Magic Box

Assorted Gameplay Screens - 1 2 3
11.02.2000 Volume One Screens Source: IGNDC
Overhead shot of the characters Scene from the intro In a harbor
Command screens Foggy morning on a mountain Town full of people
Kanan Depressing cutscene shot Gomez
Admist the conveyors Don't push it In front of a house
In a forest Locked away (2) In a shop
I was born in that sewer Attack at the harbor Climbing a ladder
Trapped on a mountain peak World Map (literally) Battle screens 1 2 3 4 5
Shining girl At an execution (2) In the Promised Land (2) (3)
Asleep There is a house in New Orleans... ...with a frog outside the door
A Sort of Homecoming Ice, your only rivers run cold... An unforgettable fire
Scenario select screen An odd-looking character  
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