Dragonriders: Chronicles of Pern
04.11.2001 18 New Screens Source: Eurogamer and Gamesgomain
I get the feeling she will... You sure don't look ashamed You speakith of revenge
Excuses, excuses! Free stuff is always useful Are you hinting at something?
Hard times ahead Quit looking down on me! Will there be Roma Tomatoes?
Smashy smashy Hi! Nice to meet you too! Running around in a cave
Standing with a Fire Lizard Must be waiting for somebody Is that a challenge?
I'm worried too Hide and seek How exquisite
04.02.2001 Misc Screens  
D'Kor Salyn Lytah
Lamrat Zenth Syllia
Closeup of D'Kor Inside Fort Hold In the Harper Hall
At the Healer Hall Wandering around Ista Island Closeup of Lamrat
In the Mastersmith Hall Closeup of Salyn Inside Fort Weyr
03.30.2001 More Screens  
Do you know where that's been? Might want to find a more effective weapon A dragon in flight
Hee hee, their names rhyme Lotsa pictures Melody of lute
That infection is called 'freezing' "Won't you join me for a spot of tea?" This guy has a dragon growing out of his back
They're getting all wet Look out behind you! And for his next trick, he'll put his head entirely in the dragon's mouth
A desert building Finish your sentence! Dwarfed by a doorway
Cute little dragon Wait...that's no desert! Inside a cookery
Dragons in the mist A house on wheels
02.17.2001 First Screens  
In a hold Beach at night Crossing a bridge
Nice jacket A nuclear firelizard Dragon in a courtyard
Two guys and a firelizard Stay... good boy! Path into a hold
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