Tactics Ogre - The Knight of Lodis - Screen Shots
05.17.2002 Yet More English Screens  
By "welcome," he obviously means "killing" Winning Conditions The easy way
He's called that because he has a pumpkin for a head Rictor's character info Emblem screen
04.19.2002 More English Screens  
Conversation atop a castle Green clouds Catacomb battle
Flames in town Deductive reasoning Mysterious door
Character list Entering outer space Left on shore
Familiar building Nice to meet you Fight it out!
Movement range Weapons list Ready to attack?
Enemy Phase Talent list Fire wall
Character info Attack range  
02.12.2002 English Screens  
Character status Wolfs come from afar Item selection
Wading into battle Beware the Hawkman A ray of light
Too much water Travel the continent Another Hawkman
A creepy place Choose your team Ivanna needs magic
A pair of dragons Elrik wants to know Fighting for renewal
Battle conditions Checking the troops Shiven can really move
One mistake, big deal It's a big deal to her Flaming monsters
Victory! A dream? Elrik has issues
Surrounded Where to go? Lightning strikes
A curative item Talking to himself Taking a shower
The blue circle of hope Large winged monsters Shopping
That's some good EXP Pillar of flame  
01.07.2002 Yes...More Screens
Every story has a beginning Load game screen Where to next?
General character info Alphonse's character info Inanna's character info
Two Soldiers and a Hawkman for sale No, pick the old guy! Burning torch
Ready to start The levels are just piling up now  
07.01.2001 Still More Screens GameWatch
Starting a battle Port conversation A chat in bed
A Team Phase Status screens are crucial in a TRPG Starting a spell
The stunning conclusion A Black Hole In another world
Attacked! Another spell The stunned victims
06.22.2001 And More  
Snow Battle Fire Tower In the heat of battle
Barren Landscape Water world Where would you like to go?
Lava Field Big Boom Status Menu
Another status menu Items Three Stars
06.10.2001 Even More Screens
Light from above Monsters and humans line up Class selector
Not the best place to take a nap Pick the magic ring Embarking
A village made from stones In a castle chamber  
05.01.2001 More Screens GameWatch
At the village market Wanna check out my goods? Select something already
A nice spot to attack Kill the purple beast! The maps even show weather effects, like rain
A slight height disadvantage Party picker  
01.16.2001 First Screens Source: Nintendo
Choose... something A woman speaks Square dancing
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