Tactics Ogre - The Knight of Lodis - Artwork
06.27.2002 More Character Artwork
Aerial Alphonse Berevra
Chloeri Cirvante Cybil
Deneb Elanor Elanor...again
Elrik Euphaire Glycinia
Ivanna Lethe Lobelia
Lubina Malicia Margaret
Naris Nichart Orson
Rictor Saia Shaher
05.09.2002 Emblems
Animal Hunter Arbitration Archangel's Feather
Berserk Blood Reign Bogus Hero
Book of Initiation Broken Heart Bullpen Ace
Centurion Charisma Don Quixote
Dragon's Scale Embodiment of Desires Exorcist
Fist Fight Gibe of Fallen Angel Grozz Nuy's Emblem
Heavenly Spirit Knight's Certificate Lancer
Lucky Soldier Mark of the Elite Miracle
Philosopher's Stone Relix's Emblem Ripple's Emblem
Self Preservation Sniper The Cycle of Life
The Pen and the Sword Veteran Soldier Vixen's Whisper
War God    
06.10.2001 Character Art
Alphonse Locher Auxonne Lamies Eleanor Oljato
Inanna Batraal Naris Batraal Nichar Briffaut
Rector Lasnanti Sibylles Alinda
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