Ogre Battle 64 - Screen Shots
10.17.2000 Revenge of Screenshots  
Title Screen Intro and clouds Intro and city
More intro Map Strategy Ogre
Ominous clouds... Classy Amazon Berserker
Beast Tamer Wizard Valkyrie
Cleric Faerie Red Dragon
Hellhound Night story Territory division
Third country More troop movement charts Soldier
Fighter Fencer Doll Master
Archer Witch Hawkman
Gremlin Wyrm Golem
Dragon Tamer Sorceress Zombie
Young Dragon Welcome! Dialogue
Who called for the Archbishop? Episode VI Game Subtitle
City street Sunset Prologue
Meeting in a castle Introductions Scene 2
Tactics More of the old grey-haired man Battle Scene
City Stats Walking around Ready for fight
More battling Yumil, Jeal, and Rhade Direct order
Xeira's liberation Victory! Still more fighting
Someone doubts peace... Overworld Massive arrangement
Closer-in arrangement Character management Battle starting
Old Witch Witch prayer That name means something...
If I were still young... That's a small ionosphere! The wonders of status magic
Predictions Overworld movements Battle.. and a chicken
Overworld at night Plasma storm Winter day
Teleport More overworld? Final Chapter
06.30.2000 New Screenshots Source: IGN
Outside the castle Uhhh....we're outnumbered sir! Big boots to fill
Fireballs! Stonehenge Greased Lightning!
Attacking the Knight Dragon Attack A ghost appears
Clouds and intro Another lightning attack Magical attack
Was that an insult? Apparently impatience is a virtue Fair fight
I..I...I...HIT HIM! Uh huh...suuuure Boss fight?
Many fireballs Damage Let'!
06.03.2000 E3 Screen Bonanza! Source: Nintendo
Dragon deployment Stats Congratulations!
Magnus slashes Knight conformists Vs. two griffin and a birdman
Birdman attacks Conversation More conversation
Scattered troops Farewell General addressing recruits
General gives assignment No.2 addresses recruits Talking to old guy
Magnus's rival Wizard 'n warrior "What's so funny?"
Heroics Hugo the tactician Spherical spell
Fighter class Vs. ninjas Vs. lone dragon
Magnus does his thing Ice spell Amazon class
Title screen Tactics lesson Early battle
Blue dragon attacks Lightning spell Early battle
Vs. dragon and barbarian Stats in english Formation
Order your troops Healing spell Smack!
Select your path Solitude Mediation
Recruits in formation Shake on it Circles of influence
Wandering Noticing the enemy One-sided battle
Where is everybody?    
04.29.2000 Interaction Teasers Source: IGN
Sad Question Welcome Aboard! Beefing Up
Getting It Together Need Some Glasses? Refusing to Fight
In a Panic A Laughing Matter To The Rescue!
Bad Timing Stats Screen Meeting Room?
12.23.1999 More Screens
Creating a battalion Character status screen A dragon's stats
Congratulations! A warrior attacks Lined up for battle
A colorful battlefield Attacking with a cudgel Two characters converse
Talking at an outpost Overworld; units moving Selecting an attack
Casting a spell Impressive looking attack A...crushing spell
A look at the map Outside of a castle Disruption at the coal mine
A meeting Sealing the deal with a shake Crop circles!
Crossing a river Death is eminent... Great looking landscape
11.18.1999 Screens Galore Partial Source: Gamefan/ GIA
Talking with villagers Meeting by a staircase Talking with a sage
Walking through town Around the campfire Entering a castle
The commander speaks Fight in an alley A witch!
Outnumbered! Meeting in a hall A mountain sunrise
Attacking at night Travelling the world Fire!
Before the king A huge monster Another witch!
Organizing the group A fire elemental A sage approaches
A fight in the forest A fight on the coast A huge brawl
A fight in town Engulfed by flames Preparing to fight
Moving along An electric spell A dreary forest
A large castle Fighting in the castle A dizzying scene
Swing and a miss Tromping through the snow Another forest fight
Scoring a hit Massive numbers A giant mushroom
Summoning a fireball Stats Journeying the countryside
Wandering once more Browsing missions A quaint town
Talking in the darkness A conference Talking in the square
Another character's stats Journeing once again Town information
A unique spell A fire attack Another unique spell
A large battalion Equipment Battalion stats
The battle begins Pedra Winning a battle
Assorted new battle scenes - 2 - 3
A devastating meteor plummets to the ground
Your fighter attacks
Same battle, different locations - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7
A dozen little friends attack ferociously
Two spells can be cast at once
Fight strategic battles both day and night
Flames devour a foe
Converse before combat
A ball of light engulfs your enemy
More... - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7
Fully polygonal worlds
Position your allies around towns and mountains
More... - 2 - 3 - 4
The past is remembered
A man addresses the crowd
"My hair's cooler than yours will ever be!"
Status screens - 2 - 3
Multiple party formations
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