Mysterious Dungeon: Shiren the Wanderer 2 - Screen Shots
Revised 03.21.04 Assorted screenies. IGN
Bumping into a red female A group of interesting looking people Castle shot
Inside the castle? Inside some bamboo Deep inside the bamboo
On a stone path Brandishing a sword Which shield to choose?
Scattered Inventory? Surrounded by people Mmmmm... Tofu?
Nice looking scenery On the rapids Talking with someone
On an elevator? Is that a pet squirrl? Crossing a bridge
In a dungeon In a store? Again with the squirrel
Roaming the streets Talking with someone Overlooking a river
Unknown Enemies Three against one Walking In the snow
Bahhh Surrounded.... by sheep. Bridge crossing
Is that a golden duck? Dungeon walking Closeup of main char
Hot hot HOT Unfinished building  
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