Musashi Samurai Legend - Screen Shots
03.08.2005 Shiny official Japanese screens
Visiting an old friend Yar! It be a giant scorpion! An odd place for a tree to be growing
Get a grip, bub Saving the girl Cloud stands in front of the inf..err, wrong game
When I say dance, you dance! Frozen fruit punch on the rampage Saaaaaaaaaaave me!!
Giant sword slash of doom
01.05.2005 Bright new english screens
Doing everything a spider can Running on water Lightweight belt
Lava burns Enemies to the right Tough battle
Fish slash Stained glass backdrop Glowing red eyes
Not looking good Musashi Purchasing bouts from Golovnin Hello Shiranzo
Mug done Pretty colors Electric guitar
Picorrific! Battle on the train Baaaaahahaha
That shirt kinda shrunk Long purple hair Malbec
Riesling Rothschild Flaming attack
Water attacks for fire-based enemies Yellow flash Bluish-white orbs
Arachnolia attacks Arachnolia prepared for battle Fire boss
The hair, it moves! Oh, picobleep Shining star attack
The hair, it's flammable President Gandrake Musashi jumps
Maribo and..... twin? Boss battle to ensue, probably Kidnapping in process
Musashi doing his job Mount Terroir Istara
Picodon Jungle Musashi holds the earth sword
11.10.2004 Robots and level ups Source: The Magicbox
Kaboom I can see right through you Glowing stuff
You got served Not so tight, pal Splatter
Slice and dice A choo-choo! What in the?
Its a party Haven't we done this before? Biker time
Waterfall love Skill up Giant robot
Choose your path Level up Aye sir
Fatty McFat Fatterson Ooo Pretty Strike a pose
Well duh Concentrate Keep concentrating
Welcome Blacksmith No, you do not
Get some, Kitty Yaaaahhh!
09.29.2004 Battling and using skills Source: The Magicbox
Close-up of Musashi Chain attack Robo electricity
Juggling? Musashi surrounded by beautiful scenery He sure does like the camera
"I owe you my life!" "I'm Musashi!" In a cathedral type building
Fighting a mutant corn cob A pretty purple tree Fighting muscular crack smurfs
Atop a decapitated tree Surrounded Assimilating?
Trying to avoid getting a haircut Before a desk. Or is it an altar? Cross slash
Interesting cel-shaded lighting effects The dialogue before a fetch quest, no doubt Galva thrust
Using a skill Musashi's back What game is complete without molten fire lizards?
05.12.2004 E3 Screens
Blitz Attack, maybe? Slash minus the Mystic part More hacking
Gondola Ho! Kiss Me, Gorgeous Yeah, yeah you're bad.
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