Strugarden - Screen Shots
10.29.2004 Monster Capturing Goodness
Strugarden! I challenge you to a duel! Sneaking through the night
Tactical battle extreme That's a lot of spells Skill tree or family tree?
"Would you like to slap the dirty old man?" Funtastic menus Watch out for the tornado!
About what you could imagine Pokemon online to be like Beware the red arrow! Hurry up you only have 15 seconds left!
YOU WIN! That doesn't seem like a lot. "Would you like to slap the dirty young man?"
04.01.2004 Numero Uno
Wandering around Waiting downtown Nav.. Navi? Cute fairy
A harbor? More waiting, different person Taking in the greens
An effective cursor The limits of DX9 Translation, Ted?
Mr. Woosley in person Mystic jugs... and other junk Pain or nightmares?
To mine the rocks Everything seems so familiar Knack Knack!
A slanted walk For a rockin' good time A lil' PvP combat
Saamy this Sammy that A male selection wasn't dwango the Doom client?
A female one Good old 'stratics' Similiarity
Asleep at the wheel, or keyboard Poor stuffed animal Skintone selection #1
Stats for 'bunny' Color Selection #2 Choose your beginnings
More player vs player No, you can't be a plumber, sorry... A smashing good shot
Give that boy a name! Mushroomhead A sidewalk sale
Possibly a pilot? The local armory Exploration commences!
Nomal Mode Enjoyin' some drinks with the sale sign The fountain at night
Out past curfew There MUST be a wedding! Follow the leader
Still following, on a mountain-top This is no place for a wedding! Past the bag shop
And finally at the church Throwing the.. umm, thingy Sit back and relax
A medicinal area? Long-range battles 20!!!
Duel in the jail Sweet sweet blockhands If Navi tells you to jump, you jump!
The same goes for crying Leaving the grasslands No no, not naptime!
Perish you evil one!
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