ROSE Online - Screen Shots
04.16.2005 Eldan, the Third Planet
We're FIGHTING! The Treeman is their leader The old MMO cliche of a pig with an axe
Battle on the bridge Miss, part 2 Miss, part 3
01.22.2005 Gameplay Screens
Roaming Pretty night-time visuals Don't go chasin' waterfalls
My other ship is twice this goofy "Hmm...where to buy a shirt?" Without no tolls, we don't eat no rolls
Character selesction Fighting Fighting 2
Nothing quite like some sweet menu action, is there? Miss! Break time
All glowy and stuff More brigde goodness In the desert...
Desert 2 Desert 3 Old Western-type town
Forming a party? Preparations Preparations 2
Team strategy Busy part of the neighborhood Preparations 3
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