Neocron - Art
05.24.2002 First Art  
Tanks Odd bat with broken wings Mutant bat
Strange camel A copbot Dragonfly
Flying tank A large mutant person Evil pincers
You can see his innards! Character modeling A collection of monsters
Private eyes PSI monks Bloody rat
Sandworm Spies Swamp cow
Swamp mutant Another swamp mutant Sketchy swamp cow and jellyfish
10.03.2001 First Art  
Looking Down a Street Somewhere in a Town Looking out at the city
Inside Somewhere A Shutdown Factory? Guard Concept
Bot Concept Someone has bad breath. No Comment
That Doesn't Look Good He's Evil. Reading.
Ready to Rumble Office Worker Cell Check
Group Shot Shot from the Roof Ruins
Locked and Loaded    
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