Horizons - Screen Shots
02.28.2004 Screen-o-rama
Cat fight Is that a jawbone? My money's on the zombie
Try to put a saddle on that thing Mummy! What's this plaque doing over my head?
Countdown to pain...3...2...1 This spearhead is bigger then MY head I'll bite your kneecaps off!
I thought the Ren fair was here today? Pack animals It's like a carnival game
The only one in town Where's a giant boot when you need it It's more of a dry heat
They build them low to the ground My boots are too big This guy has some issues
This is my giant geodesic dome Time to be speared Red arrow?
Wielding weapons that are bigger then your character I'm melting! Mohawk
......brains How much damage can you do with that thing? The radiation levels must be height
Wack a troll Time to get stabby Harrumph
Strike one I think an army would be needed to take down this thing She's eeeeevil
Archers arenít effective at close range Kitty needs a bath Don't worry they giant spiders are just an effect of the mushrooms
Death rides a dragon Arrows sticking out of a posterior My bow is on FIRE
Yoda makes a guest appearance So do you want to eat the little guy or should I? Blast I wish I would have packed a jacket
Hammer time Spear a leech for dinner Right in the noggin
The house if pretty bare I knew I should have taken sewing in school Me so horned
Thatís....that's just wrong Perspective is kind of messed up Don't worry, you still have to deal with his friends
Stop playing with lighters Insert victory music Something you don't want to wake up
The rare feathered lizard Take your pick Menu screen
Choose your sword This one has notches Overview
Look at all the possibilities
05.12.2003 A Few Screens
Construction Warrior woman A peaceful town
A castle in the distance Almost there
02.15.2003 Additional Screens
Stumbled into the wrong camp! Uhh... your rib cage is showing... The sun sets on the weird castle
My, what big horns you have! Odd place to build a castle "No, you may not stay here."
A sword even Cloud would envy That's never a good sign Someone needs to lay off the caffeine!
A bad night to be good Xena makes a guest appearance Traipsing about
He probably should have stayed dead "Step into my portal of love..." "I hate this job."
Now, now... let's not all move at once... Get to work! "He went that way!"
Do you dare enter? Having a warrior on a construction site is all the rage
11.07.2002 Initial Screens
Serious detail The party camps Foreboding
Hope you brought a coat with you... He has frigid personality Time to pay the toll
Your friendly neighborhood fairy girl Someone should have informed those two about the weather! What happens when you lick a pole too frequently
Could you direct me to the portal, please? Wicked sword "Okay, so the house will go in that field..."
"We welcome you to this land." Well prepared He looks as if he's in deep thought
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