Horizons - Artwork
02.29.2004 Concept Art
Tazoon Sorceress for scale One nasty backend
Temple Altar Wierd gizmo
05.12.2003 More Development Artwork
A monster He's facing the wrong way! A Zombie
Holding a sword Spooky A temple?
Different angle Part of a city Vault comparison
Palace in the mountain Guard Orc
Trolls? A small creature Hotel
Big house Church Fancy Dome
An arch Pillars The portal again
A pyramid Hut Back of hut
A lone castle Another dome Colorful forest
Portal well protected Floating Island They knew where to build
Ruins The Floating Island again Dwarves
Fiends Humans
11.07.02 First Artwork
A rich man's residence? This must be the blueprint! Very arabian city
Local library Official looking building Looks like home
House of worship Perhaps they don't like visitors...? Sign: Beware of Telefragging!
Stained glass From the latest Ikea catalog More architectural drawings
I bet it's great on Halloween Thar she blows!
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