EVE: The Second Genesis - Screen Shots
04.29.03 A Galaxy of Screens
You are here. Mmm... metal donut Buying "The Fat Man"
Warp speed... engage! There's that warp drive again A side view of a ship
Make space ship go now Everyone's got a warp drive Suppose it beats walking
Man almost on the Moon
03.04.2003 Assorted Screens  
A fairly large starship Another starship Very realistic graphics
Oval planets You know what they say about the number of rockets... In the middle of nowhere
A warpgate? It's not the number of rockets... it's how big Under view of a ship
Maybe someone should put that out? Zooming across the cosmos A large ship with nothing to do
A space station A new style of ship? More flying
Always flying... this time, with astroids! A clash Someone should really put that out...
Twin ships Flying some more! This time, with planet appeal!
12.08.2001 First Screens  
Time for some sunglasses Flying into a planet Cluster of vessels
Lens flare Thrusters on I never knew space was so cloudy
Approaching a moon The planet seems a bit...lopsided Purty colors
Almost like being underwater Rocks in space Yet another spaceship
Too...much...glare A long ship Neat nebula
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