EVE: The Second Genesis - Artwork
03.04.2003 Additional Artwork  
Looks more like a worm... Scorpion style! Apparently it isn't spineless
Looks kind of like a ghost..ship... The tooth! A fighter type
More rounded ship Looks like some sort of city Another oddly shaped ship
Do the weird shapes ever end? Three ships A 3D render
Slugship Large ship They tapdance too!
The eye watches... A little front heavy Skin and bones...
A group of ships A more traditional style ship A sketch
They should watch out... wouldn't want someone to get their eye poked out! A platform type of ship Oddly shaped yet again
The return of the scorpion class Where's the rest of the ship? Funny looking tentacles coming from the end...
Looks like a very intimidating attack ship Another frightening attack ship The designs just get weirder
Looks more like an alien lifeform than a ship.. Tadpole ship Very strange ship design
Correction... they look like sea creatures Looks like another carrier ship Somewhat more traditional
Very large wings Very strange design Another building design
Looks more like it's made of rock than anything else Cool design for a starship Camouflaged to hide in the... darkness of space?
12.08.2001 First Artwork  
An Amarr Holder Diere Kolmar Hoggur Makinn
Synja Ampor A bulbous vessel Barely holding together
Something phallic about this one Your normal, everyday fighter A giant nose on its side
Ooh, color! A claw Sphere of DOOM
A large chunk of planet Flying through space Space eye
Nebula or explosion? Transport Nearly organic
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