Earth and Beyond - News  
·EA Foretells End of Earth and Beyond 03.17.2004  
·Earth and Beyond Gets Patched 07.15.2003  
·Earth and Beyond Event Announced 05.23.2003  
·Earth and Beyond Plans Unveiled 04.16.2003  
·Earth and Beyond Update Incoming 10.21.2002  
·Earth and Beyond Launches 09.29.2002  
·Earth and Beyond Payment Options Announced 08.13.2002  
·Earth and Beyond's Release Rescheduled 07.23.2002  
·RPGamer Interviews Eric Wang, Senior Producer of Earth & Beyond 06.24.2002  
·Earth and Beyond Beta Boosted to 100K 05.13.2002  
·Academy Award Winner Joins Earth and Beyond Online Team 01.26.2002  
·Westwood Announces Sci-Fi MMORPG 03.06.2001  
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